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Equinox Consulting is filled with young, energetic minds. Having previously worked in diverse industries, each employee brings a different dimension to Equinox Consulting profile.

This enables to take a holistic view of every project-regardless of its specific arena-and follow this view up with the expertise and versatility to deliver the perfect solution.

To bring in the unique philosophy in the absorbed resources, Equinox Consulting offers the initial training and ongoing training processes to inculcate corporate culture and project basics in to the hearts og the people.

About Us

Equinox supplies a broad range of IT applications, solutions and services.

ERP implementation, Support, IT Staffing, RPO and IPO services


Kokapet, Hyderabad - 500075, Telangana - INDIA.

Phone: +91-40-24548697

Email: info@equinoxcpl.com

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